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    Hi, there!

    You were lucky enough to get EURO 2012 match tickets and are planning your trip to Ukraine? Most probably you are assessing several options how to get there, one of which is travelling by car. For sure, this option gives you much more travelling freedom, possibilities to see places of interest, better learn the country and people living there, besides, it’s relatively cheap (if travelling with a company).

    OK, go warm up your engine, but let me give you some advice, which can make you laugh and think that I am crazy (I will not be angry about this), but for others it can save money, time and, in some cases, even life.

    Do not believe fairy tales of our government that all host cities are connected by highways. That’s a bull shit. Relatively good intercity roads (almost as you used to know them) are only available around big cities in a radius of 50-100 km. This statement, as well as all other rules, has its exceptions, but they do not cha ... Читать дальше »
    Просмотров: 70203 | Добавил: VGera | Дата: 22.12.2011 | Комментарии (79)

    Мариупольский союз автовладельцев BannerFans.com Водители про автомобили и не только